Mary V.
Store Owner
In 2002, I embarked on a business adventure that has afforded me the luxury of being one of the few people who can say “I love my job”. For me this is not just a job - I really do love "The Secret Closet".

Being in accounting was a great job, but I love meeting and dealing with people – sometimes a lot of new people everyday. I have been blessed with so many compliments from my customers about how they are treated at my store and how much they love The Secret Closet. Owning a business has its trials to deal with, but I am so passionate about the store and how I want to give quality items at low prices with the best possible customer service. Customer service is very important to me – I need you back and want you to tell others about the great experience.

I have worked very hard to make it a great shopping venue for my customers and frequently ask them to suggest ways I can improve the store. Fortunately for me, there are more compliments with a few ideas to change. Recently the addition of home decor items and furniture has been very well received. In fact one customer said she knew I would do well with it because I take only quality items and price them to sell.

While this store is my passion and I love every interaction and opportunity to be a part of this small community of Romeo, I also LOVE and live for my family. I am a very proud mother and grandmother and take pride in the fact that I have a wonderful relationship with all the people in my life that I call family.

I also work hard to stay healthy – the gym is my second home! I love the way I feel having made the effort toward living the healthy lifestyle that I do today.

You will find that when you come to my store, you are not just a customer, you are a valued individual that I look forward to meeting and welcoming back and getting to know better.

The Secret Closet is my passion and it shows… come and see me!