Tips For Good Consigning

* Please make an appointment before you bring your items so that I can give you my full

* Items will sell best if they are in “near perfect condition”, freshly cleaned, free from
  odors (smoke, pet hair) pressed and on hangers (hangers will be returned the same day)

* Furniture pieces can be in good condition, or may be in need of work. I have customers
  looking for "project" pieces

* Items should not be more than 2-3 years old

* Bring as much as you would like - no limit!

* There is a one-time $6.00 fee to open your account. Most shops charge yearly for this.
   You will receive 50% of the price that the item sells for. Be assured that I will look at
   everything carefully and get the items marked and on the racks before the next
   consignment comes in

What should you bring
during which season?

Spring/Summer (Feb - June)
Skirts, Shirts, Dresses, Light Jackets, Purses, Swimsuits, Shorts, Open Toe Shoes, Evening Wear

Fall/Winter (Sept - Dec)
Long Pants, Closed Shoes,
Long Sleeve Shirts, Jackets, Suits, Purses, Sweaters, Boots, Gloves, Hats, Wintercoats, Evening Wear

Furniture & home decor items are taken all-year long.